• 23 May 2014

    Where To buy ISO 7 Cleanroom Online

    Modular Cleanrooms: What Do They Offer Your Business?

    A modular cleanroom is a controlled environment that is often used in a manufacturing facility and scientific research facility. They are designed to help control the amount of contamination through monitoring all of the surface and airborne particles, static electricity and liquid levels.  To help remove any airborne particles, filtration systems are put in place to trap any particles that float through the air.

    What Causes Contamination in a Modular Cleanroom?

    class 10,000 cleanroomContamination in modular cleanrooms can be the direct result of any number of different factors in the environment. People, outside contaminants, movement in the area, HVAC systems and more can all cause contamination to float through the air you breathe. These pieces of contamination can be in the form of skin flakes, hair, fibers, cosmetics, bacteria and much more.

    Imagine this: someone doing nothing more than sitting down is going to produce about 100,000 particles of bacteria. If someone gets up and walks at a rate of five miles per hour, that individual is going to produce 10,000,000 particles of bacteria. Now, that is a lot of bacteria and contaminants entering into the air. Air outside in an urban environment contains about 35,000,000 particles in every cubic meter.

    As you can tell, there is a ton of contamination all around you. Regardless of whether you are moving around or not, the pollution will still remain behind. A class 10,000 cleanroom can help to eliminate all of that pollution from entering into a delicate work environment.

    Thanks to having the right HEPA filter in place, you can control bacteria and contamination from furniture, garments, procedures, wipes, cleaning tools and more. You will be amazed at how many particles these filters can trap in them on a regular basis.

    Proper Etiquette in a Cleanroom

    When it comes to a cleanroom, you need to make sure you are wearing the right apparel before entering into the space. Depending on the cleanroom size and class, apparel is going to vary. Generally speaking, you will need gloves, a lab coat, eye protection and shoe covers. However, there is the chance that you will need much more than that.

    If the cleanroom doesn’t require you to wear shoe covers, you will want to clean your shoes using a sticky mat. Avoid taking any water or food into the area. These items contain more bacteria and contamination than you might think. At times, you might have to refrain from wearing fragrances and cosmetics into the cleanroom.

    If you have to sneeze, you need to do it in a corner. Make sure to cover your mouth using your arm to prevent a bunch of contaminants from entering into the environment. Avoid blocking any fire extinguishers or exits to the room.

    Classifications of Cleanrooms and Required Apparel

    where to buy ISO 7 cleanroom onlineAn ISO 6 cleanroom, or class 1,000, requires anyone entering to wear a beard cover, boots, coveralls and hair cover. On the other hand, an ISO 7 cleanroom, or class 10,000, requires entrants to wear a beard cover, hair cover and frock. As you can see, the ISO 6 rooms are stricter in what you have to wear before entering into the environment. The strictest of all cleanrooms is that of an ISO 4, or class 10. Those entering this cleanroom will need to be covered entirely before stepping foot inside of the space.

    Beyond just the special apparel, any paper, pens and notebooks also have to be cleanroom approved. Any wood materials that are pulp based aren’t compatible with the rooms, so you cannot take them inside. Materials like plastic and metal that are easily cleaned using a cleanroom wipe can often go into the space. Anything capable of trapping particles is prohibited from being used in the sterile environment. The whole idea is to prevent as many contaminants as you can from entering into the space.

    If you aren’t sure where to buy ISO 7 cleanroom online, you are in the right place. Finding a cheap cleanroom that provides you with a whole host of benefits has never been as easy as it is right now. Take the time to browse through the various options to see which cleanroom is going to work the best for your specific wants and needs.

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