Where to Buy Modular Offices


You have probably seen a construction trailer that is actually to main office on many job sites.  This building meets the demands of a quick, efficient office for administration but now, thanks to advances that are constantly being made in the construction of modular offices, you no longer need to be suck with the appearance of a mobile home.  Modular office buildings are now available in all sizes and shapes.  They offer an interesting alternative that gives you quality space at a price that is affordable.inplant office As any developer can tell you, operating your office for sales from a trailer is not a great way to try to convince potential customers to spend their hard earned money on luxury condos or new homes.  For this reason, many builders are now using modular buildings as a sort of welcome center.  These buildings can be specially designed to meet the needs of your office as well as the needs of your customers.  You can get these buildings with restroom facilities as well as other amenities. A prefab modular office building can be permanent or temporary.  When it comes to space or size, there is no limit and you can often find multi-story inplant offices that consist of thousands of square footage.  The space in these buildings can be used as a large floor areas where you can put cubicles or you can break it down into a variety of individual offices.  You can add break rooms and even classrooms when necessary.  If you would like to have a showroom in the building, this is possible too.  These buildings are versatile enough to be customized to completely fit your needs. These modular  offices are created in a factory, which saves the customer time and money.  Being built indoors means that there will be no sort of delays for the weather, which means that projects are completed on time.  Also, because of the fact that most of the construction is done at a factory, you don’t need to worry about the distractions that go hand in hand will conventional, on site construction.  You get no noise, no mess and no sort of heavy construction traffic.  The only time that the builder will be on site is when it is time to actually assemble the modular office.  The process of assembly is one that is fast too.


Modular Inplant Offices by Panel Built

When you get a modular office, you get one that is of the highest quality in the entire industry.  When you need a cost effective and fast solution in the form of a modular building system, Panel Built has you covered.  We offer inplant offices in a variety of configurations to suit the needs of our customers.  We offer prefabricated modular systems that offer you design potential that is unlimited and that has the flexibility to be able to give you the exact layout that you are looking for. We can provide you will the best design for the best products which will in turn give you the ideal modular inplant office for your project. Any modular office will be designed with the flexibility that it will need in order to be moved or even reconfigured as your needs change.  Our panel system in the industry leader and it can be designed to be able to accommodate the size of any office, regardless of how large or small it is.  From small offices to huge industrial complexes – it doesn’t matter, Panel Built has you covered.

Design and Options

The pre-fabricated in-plant office buildings are able to be total customized based on your preferences and needs.  You can choose from a variety of durable finishes, textures and colors.  There are also multiple wall cores that are available, such as: an ASTM E-119 certified 1 and 2 hour fire rated core, sound deadening cores, a construction core known as type 1 and a polystyrene thermal core. Modular office buildings prices are also attractive.  They are extremely more cost efficient that conventional construction.  In fact, when compared to buildings that have a conventional construction, a prefabricated in-plant office has numerous advantages.  When you are looking for where to buy prefab modular office buildings, Panel Built has you covered.

Benefits and Features

  • This type of office building is both reusable and flexible
  • You can get one of these extraordinary buildings for around 1/3 of what a conventional construction would cost
  • With a modular office such as the ones we offer, you will be able to get the most out of your available floor space
  • The walls of these buildings are all compliant with the applicable codes
  • These buildings can easily be disassembled and then reassembled when necessary
  • The panels are sound deadening
  • Certified fire panels of the 1 hour ASTM E-119 type are available
  • Also available are galvanized steel facings that are g 90 hot dip 26 gauge complete with an acrylic enamel finish that has been baked on
Modular OfficesOne of the absolute best features or benefits that our products come with is an ability to use a depreciation method that is of the 7 year type.  This is compared to 39.5 years as what is seen with conventional construction.  This is what allows for the price advantage that is nearly 33%!  With features and benefits such as these, it is easy to understand why so many companies have turned to Panel Built for their office and building solutions.