CAD – Welded and Ballistic Booths

Welded and Ballistic Booth - CAD Details

CAD Details are an example of Panel Built's work.

Projects are not limited to the designs shown below.  All projects are custom drawn and fabricated to customer specifications.

All of our modular construction projects are built to the customer's order.

 Welded Steel 4'x4'DWGPDF
 Welded Steel 4'x6'DWGPDF
 Welded Steel 4'x8'DWGPDF
 Welded Steel 4'x10'DWGPDF
 Welded Steel 6'x6'DWGPDF
 Welded Steel 6'x8'DWGPDF
 Welded Steel 6'x10'DWGPDF
 Welded Steel 6'x12'DWGPDF
 Welded Steel 8'x8'DWGPDF
 Welded Steel 8'x10'DWGPDF
 Welded Steel 8'x12'DWGPDF
 Welded Steel 8'x14'DWGPDF
 Welded Steel 8'x16'DWGPDF
 Welded Steel 10'x10'DWGPDF
 Welded Steel 10'x12'DWGPDF
 Welded Steel 10'x14'DWGPDF
 Welded Steel 10'x16'DWGPDF
 Welded Steel 12'x12'DWGPDF
 Welded Steel 12'x14'DWGPDF
 Welded Steel 12'x16'DWGPDF

More Options

Steel Base with Crane LugsDWGPDF
Steel base with Forklift SlotsDWGDWG
Ballistic Building 8' x 16'PDF
Bus Shelter 5 x10''PDF
Steel Pay on Foot ShelterPDF
Prefab 5x10 Bus ShelterPDF

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