16' x 37' Welded Substation Enclosure

Substation 2
Substation 2

Challenge: Raytheon Technologies needed a transformer to be enclosed and protected against the specific weather conditions in Guam. The challenge was to create a structure to meet these conditions while remaining cost-friendly.

Solution: Instead of sourcing a new transformer, which would have taken over 100 weeks and cost several million dollars, Raytheon turned to Panel Built Inc. for a modular solution. We designed a 16' x 37' prefabricated enclosure that we could  deliver to Guam in two pieces. Once it was put together, it was lowered over the transformer.

Benefits of Panel Built Construction:

  • Minimized Resource Constraints.
    • Since we fabricated the station under one roof, we prevented our customer from having to source labor, equipment, and materials.
  • Quick Turnaround.
    • Our modular approach to construction allowed for a quick turnaround time for building and allowed us to transport the structure from Blairsville, GA, to Guam in just four weeks.
  • Weatherproof.
    • We designed the station's structure to accommodate Category 5 hurricane conditions, such as a 210-mph wind load. 

Key Features:

  • Exterior Walls:
    • The station has 3" thick steel walls with a stainless-steel finish welded onto 14-gauge framing, providing a sturdy structure capable of withstanding harsh wind conditions.
  • Impact-Rated Doors
    • The aluminum single door measured 36" w x 84" h x 1 3/4" thick, with 16 gauge steel projection. The double doors are also made from aluminum and are 72’’w X 84" h X 1 3/4" thick, with a 16-gauge steel projection. The roll-up door is 26' 5" Wide by 10' High. These doors are impact-rated for storm conditions, giving the transformer extra protection.
  • Floorless
    • The floorless design facilitated easy installation by allowing the enclosure to be lowered over the transformer.
  • Electrical Package
    • This substation was outfitted with 12 Ga. Min copper wiring in 1/2" EMT surface-mounted, pre-wired before final installation, which ensured a reliable electrical system.
  • HVAC System
    • We installed two 18-ton HVAC units and heating systems with redundancy, guaranteeing optimal temperature control for the enclosed transformer.

Conclusion: Panel Built's 16' x 37' Welded Substation Enclosure for Raytheon proves our commitment to excellence and innovation. This project showcases our ability to meet unique challenges by delivering tailored solutions prioritizing durability, security, and efficiency in every aspect of design and construction.