49' x 24' Custom Office System


Challenge: GXO Direct, a logistics company, urgently needed to expand its office space rapidly within the constraints of its existing wall design. This limitation resulted in an unusual office shape, presenting a challenge for traditional expansion methods. Additionally, GXO required the walls to support hanging equipment, adding another layer of complexity to the project.


Solution: To address GXO’s Direct requirements, Panel Built designed a custom, L-shaped 49' x 49 24' in-plant office system with 10' walls to add additional, necessary vertical space. This custom-in-plant system includes three offices, a breakroom, and a storage closet, all within the limited space.


Key Features:

  • Strong Wall System: The walls were constructed using 3" thick composite panels with a one-pound density polystyrene core. With a shear strength of 18-22 PSI and a shear modulus of 280 – 320 PSI, these walls provided exceptional structural integrity, supporting the building and the additional equipment to be hung.
  • Secure Windows: We installed 9 picture windows along the walls for a transparent workplace. These windows were outfitted with 1/4" clear tempered glass, making them secure against work conditions.
  • Drop-Down Ceiling: The 740 square foot ceiling system consists of a complete Class "A" suspension system sturdy enough to incorporate lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and electronic and electrical system components, as necessary. The ceiling also comes outfitted with acoustic material to reduce noise.
  • Doors: The door is 36" w X 84" h X 1 3/4" thick and made of 20-gauge hot-dipped galvanized steel, with 1/8" tempered safety glass in the upper half, further supporting security without compromising workplace transparency.
  • Electrical Package: To streamline installation and ensure seamless functionality, Panel Built delivered the structure pre-wired with a comprehensive electrical package. This package included wall switches, duplex receptacles, LED fixtures, and a 125-amp load center, guaranteeing a reliable power supply for operational needs.

Conclusion: The custom 49' x 24' office system for GXO Direct epitomizes Panel Built's dedication to delivering tailored solutions prioritizing quality, safety, and efficiency. This project underscores our proficiency in designing and constructing specialized workspaces that meet unique requirements while surpassing industry benchmarks.