Convention Center Attendant Booths

Pre-assembled guard booth

parking attendant booth












Challenge: The City of Dallas faced two problems at their Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, a 2,000,000 square foot complex in the heart of the city. They needed to update their attendant booths at their facility.  This meant removing the existing guard booths from the facility and replacing them with a pre-assembled solution. They also needed someone on site who could provide a permit in order to get the job started quickly.

Solution: PBI worked along side of the City of Dallas to provide the manpower and unique project specifications to accommodate the companies requests. The sales team worked with installation to make sure we had someone on site who could provide the permit required. And to top it all off, the pre-assembled guard booths were installed into their permanent locations with absolutely minimal downtime for the convention center.

Project Specs: The convention center needed two parking attendant booths in place of the ones that had just been removed. The dimensions of the two guard booths were 4’ x 6’ and 8’ x10’ and had forkliftable steel bases.  Each of the guard booths came complete with an HVAC system, exterior lighting, and a 360-degree field of vision. 

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