Custom Guard Booth for Chick-Fil-A

Untitled design (6)
Untitled design (6)

Challenge: Panel Built was tasked with creating a customized 4' x 6' Guard Booth for Chick-fil-A. The challenge was to design and construct a secure and durable booth that could withstand harsh conditions and provide the necessary amenities for on-site personnel.


Solution: Panel Built's expert team rose to the challenge by designing and building a Guard Booth with top-tier features and functionality. The booth was constructed with Class A exterior walls, making it robust and capable of withstanding 90 MPH wind loads.


Key Features:

  • Exterior Walls: The walls of the Guard Booth are constructed using 3-inch thick composite panels with 26-gauge galvanized stucco-embossed steel on both sides, ensuring durability and resilience.

  • Roof Design: The roof features a pitch-panelized shed design with a 9-inch overhang. It is composed of stucco-embossed aluminum panels on both sides and a 1-pound density polystyrene foam core, enhancing energy efficiency.

  • Security Features: The booth is equipped with a 20-gauge insulated steel door with 1/2-inch glass for security and durability. Additionally, it features a picture window glazed with 1/4-inch tempered glass.

  • Electrical Package: The Guard Booth includes a comprehensive electrical package with a wall switch, duplex receptacles, a 240V receptacle, telephone/computer prep, LED fixtures, and a heating/air conditioning unit, ensuring comfort and functionality.

  • Flooring: The flooring is designed with a 3-inch tall steel forkliftable base and a 1/8-inch diamond plate finish, making it capable of withstanding heavy-duty use.

  • Countertop: An 18-inch deep stainless steel countertop with steel support legs is included to provide added functionality and convenience.

Conclusion: Panel Built's custom-designed 4' x 6' Guard Booth for Chick-fil-A is a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation. This project showcases our ability to meet unique challenges by delivering tailored solutions that prioritize durability, security, and efficiency in every aspect of design and construction.