Oceaneering Multiflex needed two elevated exterior metal buildings that could withstand hurricane force winds. Panel Built provided a unique design that met all of their specifications.

Challenge: The Panama-City based facility of Oceaneering Multiflex had a unique challenge. They needed two operator control cabins to house sensitive equipment, mounted high in the air in the middle of “Hurricane Alley.”

Solution: Buildings with unique slanted walls and impact-resistant tempered glass, all within a steel reinforced framework

Panel Built Delivers: Two exterior buildings with 130 mph wind load rating. Buildings are corrosion resistant, and designed to reduce glare from sun and water.

Warner Robins 3-2tory

Project Specs: 7×15 exterior buildings (2) with slanted viewing wall on a forkliftable steel base with diamond plate decking. 130 mph wind loading. Small missile impact resistant glazing. Impact resistant fiberglass reinforced plastic doors. Buildings meet all Florida State Building Code requirements and all requirements for the Florida DCA Modular Building Program.

Joe Lackey“It was a pleasure working with Panel Built. They were able to construct our operator cabins to meet the strict building codes enacted by the state to withstand category 3 hurricanes.”

– Scott Jenkins, Oceaneering Multiflex