Summit Station Mezzanine Installed on Greenland's Ice Sheet



Located near the apex of the Greenland ice sheet, National Science Foundation’s Greenland Summit Station needed a warehouse mezzanine to support utility equipment and an office for the Station. The physical altitude of the site is 10,600’ above sea level, where wind speeds exceeding 100 mph have been recorded and temperatures range from approximately 30°F to -76°F. Given the unique and remote location, where resources and the ability to correct for defaults is limited; any issues with design or fit can have significant cost and schedule impacts.


CH2M Polar Services (CPS) contracted with Panel Built to design and supply the mezzanine for installation at the site. Given this, CPS and Panel Built completed a test-build of the mezzanine at Panel Built’s location in Blairsville, GA prior to shipment to the fi eld. The mezzanine was shipped to Scotia, NY where it was fl  own by the 109th New York Air National Guard to Summit Station Greenland via LC-130 aircraft. The mezzanine was installed by CPS in an insulated warehouse in line with the project schedule.

Panel Built Delivers

The steel mezzanine is 14’ x 29’ x 8’ with a 125 pounds per square foot rating. The mezzanine comes complete with an IBC certified stair system and a 48” x 48” landing on top.