Two Story Modular Inplant Office

Custom 2-story inplant office for Accenture

Focused on delivering innovation to their clients, Accenture had a vision of a unique and innovative space to represent this.They chose Panel Built and Quality Engineering Company to bring their concept to reality.

Challenge: Accenture wanted to combine function and form to create an impressive work and meeting space in their plant facility.

Solution: Quality Engineering and Panel Built worked with the customer and found finishes that had the look and feel that satisfied Accenture’s vision of an upscale workspace and meeting area.

Panel Built Delivers: A custom designed two-story system with a welcome lobby area, an open office area, an IT room, hallway, stair system, manager’s office and conference room. Oversized windows, full-glass doors, high gloss black panels and brushed aluminum extrusions are unique features. A “floating” drop ceiling, specialized light fixtures, and gloss black on the stairs, railing and undercoating of the mezzanine are also part of the modern design.

Project Specs: This two-story building stands 21’ tall and has a footprint of 24’-6” x 40’-6”. The panels are made from .021” smooth aluminum in gloss black. The windows measure 44” wide by 60” tall. All of the extrusions are brushed aluminum.

“Both QEC and Panel Built went above and beyond to ensure our project was a success.Their attention to customer service and high-quality products were apparent as our project progressed.”
– Brian Eggers, Accenture Consultant