Union County School System Guard Booth

Union County High School Guard Booth
School Guard Shack
School Guard Booth

Challenge: Taking steps to ensure school safety is of the utmost importance. Union County High needed a way to check everyone who came and left the school during the day.

Solution: Panel Built was able to provide a quick ship guardbooth to house security employees who would be protecting the schools entrance. Two sliding doors on each side make it easier for the guard to inspect cars entering and exiting.

Panel Built Delivers: To keep the security guards comfortable the booth was fitted with an HVAC unit and a counter area for convenience. On top of our standard booth features this particular booth included a stoplight to let those entering know to speak with the guard first.

Project Specs: 4’ X 8’ X 8’ pre-assembled quick ship guardbooth. Two sliding doors. An HVAC unit. Specialty windows. Traffic Lights.

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