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Instant Security Buffer Zone

Prefabricated vestibules provide an instant boost to a facility's security measures. The extra room added to the exterior of the building acts as a double-entry system, a form of access control. The room is a fully secured space that allows facility staff to survey and verify all incoming and outgoing traffic.  Full glass vestibules can be equipped with high-level security glass to make the vestibule as secure as possible.

Ballistic and Bullet Resistant Vestibule Entrances

Panel Built entry vestibules are offered in all UL and NIJ ballistic levels. Utilizing our welded steel design and bullet-resistant glass, our vestibule systems can provide the highest level of protection for a facility's entrance while still offering a sleek and modern design, providing maximum possible protection for extreme threat environments. 

Highly Custom Vestibule Designs

Panel Built work with our customers to find the space solutions that fit their specific requirements.  The vestibule can come equipped with a number of accessories, including interior and exterior lighting, security systems, tinted glass windows, and nearly limitless color options. 

Fast and Convenient Installation

Since our entry vestibules are prefabricated in our manufacturing facility, all that's left when the building gets to the job site is the installation. Stick-built vestibule systems will require the area to be restricted while construction goes on for an undetermined amount of time. With this step occurring away from the job site, your facility will have absolute minimal disruption and downtime

Turn-Key Entry Vestibule Provider

Panel Built, Inc. can handle every phase of your project. Through design, engineering, fabrication, delivery, and installation, we strive to ensure the entire process is as convenient and problem-free as possible for our customers. Panel Built has over 20 years of experience in the prefabricated construction industry and has great all the tools necessary to take your project from start to finish.

Vestibule Features

  • Heavy-Duty, Welded Steel Frame Design.
  • Wide Range of Paint Options With Color Matching
  • Delivered Pre-Assembled For Easy Installation On-Site Or 'Knock-Down' For Assembly in Difficult To Reach Areas
  • Attaches To Building's Exterior & Anchored Into Place
  • Can Meet National, State, & Local Building Codes & ADA Requirements

Vestibule Options

  • Fully-Custom, Architectural Designs Available (Blend Into Existing Building Aesthetic)
  • Bullet-Resistant (UL-752, NIJ, STANAG) Designs Available for High Threat Facilities
  • Additional Integrated Security Tools: Exterior Lighting, Alarms, Key Fob Entry, Number Pads, etc.
  • Interior Vestibules Available With Standard Wall System

Quality Structures Fast

Matchless strength and durability are the “core” of our building quality. Panel Built structures are manufactured in a specialized modular construction facility, allowing for high-quality production with quick lead times. 

Super Support

Our dedicated sales team provides confidential free quotes and CAD drawings to help get your project underway. Our team is available to answer any questions about a quotation, an order, freight options or project changes.


Panel Built modular offices, mezzanines, and guard booths are 100% relocatable, providing future flexibility for your company, and most can even be expanded and reconfigured to make an entirely new structure!

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(Note: Panel Built prefabricated vestibules are not designed for residential applications)

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