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Prefabricated, Yet Fully Custom MCC Building Design

Panel Built Motor Control Center Buildings are custom designed for each individual MCC project.  The buildings can be delivered pre-assembled or in a 'knock down' form so its components can be installed on-site.  Our pre-assembled model can be delivered to the job site for the MCC equipment to be installed at its final location or may be delivered to a third staging site where the equipment can be installed beforehand.  Panel Built exterior buildings and enclosures can utilize two different building assemblies: panelized or welded, steel-framed.

For New or Existing Motor Control Center Building Projects

Panel Built Motor Control Center buildings can vary greatly from project to project.  Oftentimes, we work to provide an entirely new, unique MCC Building for a facility to install their equipment into.  However, in other cases, Panel Built is tasked with outfitting an existing MCC, either replacing an older exterior MCC Building or providing an enclosure for an MCC that is housed within the existing facility.  For both of these instances, Panel Built offers both interior and exterior MCC Buildings.  Especially for facilities with looking to control dust and/or temperatures for their MCC, Panel Built's MCC Enclosures can be designed with high powered HVAC systems to help control the environment within the enclosure.

Designed to Meet Codes & Compliances Across The United States

In our years of working in the modular construction industry, Panel Built, Inc. has completed projects in all 50 U.S. states and internationally.  This includes working to fit within more unique local building codes that some jurisdictions may have.  Additionally, Panel Built offers a number of custom panel options to give the MCC Building higher R-Values, STC Ratings, and Fire Ratings.

MCC Building Features

  • Prefabricated, Heavy-Duty Modular Design, Made To Withstand The Rigors of Transportation
  • Fast & Quick Installation at the Job Site for Minimal Downtime
  • Built-In Forklift Slots or Roof-Mounted Crane Lugs
  • Available in a Variety of Custom Colors & Finishes
  • Can Be Delivered Fully Pre-Wired & with HVAC

MCC Building Options

  • Roof System Offered In Single Slope, Gabled, & Hip-Roof Designs
  • Ballistic Rated Wall Systems Available 
  • Wall Panels Offered in 20+ Different Configurations To Provide the Right Attributes For Your Application
  • Offered a Variety of Styles of Facings, Sidings, & Finishes In Order To Blend into Existing Architecture
  • Security Integration Ranging From Custom Door Locks to Alarms Systems to Flood Lights

Get a Custom 3D Flythrough of your Project!

With every quote that Panel Built, Inc. provides, we include your very own 3D rendering of the project to allow you to fully visualize your new motor control center buildings.

Customer Service Driven Team

Our dedicated sales team provides confidential free quotes and CAD drawings to help get your project underway. Our team is available to answer any questions about a quotation, an order, freight options or project changes.

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