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Office on a Mezzanine | Raised Warehouse Offices

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Mezzanine Offices | Elevated Warehouse Office

We can all agree that the number one problem most warehouses and manufacturing facilities face is making the absolute best use of your given space. Even the largest warehouses in the world can become cluttered, unorganized and messy. So, if you decide your warehouse needs office space, you must come up with an innovated solution to ensure you do not restrict your already limited floor room. For this reason, a mezzanine office is one of the most popular and efficient uses of our steel structural mezzanines.

An office on a mezzanine allows you to insert a brand new office, or breakroom or conference room directly into your warehouse, without taking up any extra space in your warehouse floor. Plus, building up instead of out will allow you to keep your normal work processes!  The mezzanine offices can be equipped with HVAC to keep your employees cool and comfortable, soundproofing to keep the harsh warehouse noises at bay, and fire rated paneling to ensure maximum safety.

These modular offices on a mezzanine are particularly effective when used as an office room for a warehouse supervisor or manager. They allow the manager to complete all of his or her necessary paperwork in a comfortable and controlled environment, while at the same time, allowing them to have a bird's eye view of the warehouse floor. This way, the manager can ensure all normal work processes are taking place and all safety protocols are being followed. And if a problem arises in the warehouse, they will be one of the first people to know. Overall, these projects allow you to create a smart and effective way to make office space in your warehouse.

Standard Mezzanine Options


  • Modular bolt-together systems
  • 3-point connections vs. in-shear
  • A variety of decking materials
  • Sturdy handrail with 4" kickplate
  • Heavy-duty columns & baseplates
  • Heavy-duty prefabricated stairs and accessories
  • 4-MIL powder coated steel components provide a superior level of durability against abusive, corrosive applications


Standard Office Options

  • Three inch insulated wall panels in choice of white, gray, and champagne
  • 22 gauge galvanized top decking and suspended acoustical ceiling
  • Framing and all connecting hardware always included
  • 3-0 x 7-0 20 gauge steel with 20" x 30" window and hardware
  • Electric package includes junction boxes, breaker panel, light switch, duplex outlets, and 2' x 4' fluorescent fixtures

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