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April Project of the Month 2019



April POM


April’s Project of the Month Award goes to this tall wall, inplant office system sold through Bill Bavagnoli and Specialized Storage Solutions!  The office is a 40ft x 62ft, three wall system that incorporates an existing wall to close off the building.  The building makes use of Panel Built’s Tall Wall, panel system, reaching 14 ft in height in a single panel! 

The modular office system was put in place to house their high-quality line of corrugated presses.  With the roll-up doors on two sides of the office, the company can easily transport materials in and out of the building. 

Thanks to all of you who helped out on this project! If you have any pictures of a recently completed Panel Built project, send them to  for your chance to be the Picture of the Month and win a $ 25 Gift Card!


Corrugated Press RoomCorrugated Press Rooms