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Augsut Project of the Month 2019


CMM Enclosure


3 Wall Modular Coordinate Measuring Machine Room

August’s Project of the Month goes to this Coordinate Measuring Machine (or CMM) Room for Metalex, a high-performance, precision machining company.  The CMM enclosure is roughly 97 ft long by 28 ft wide giving it an overall square footage of roughly 2716 sq. ft! However, perhaps the most impressive part of this new CMM room is its height! the building utilizes 3 stacked panels to form its three walls, giving the building an overall height of 25ft!

The outside walls of the CMM Room consist of a 5-layered wall panel, utilizing two layers of steel, two layers of sound-reduction board, and a polystyrene core. As you can see in the photo above, the room is also outfitted with a 12ft by 14ft opening which will be used to frame a roll-up door to close off the building.