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December Project of the Month 2019


School Guard Booths


Security Booth for School Access Control

December’s Project of the Month goes to this prefabricated guard booth for a New York high school, provided through BELFOR Property Restorations.  With security becoming a growing emphasis for US schools, many institutions have elected to install guard booths as their first line of defense so their staff knows exactly who’s entering and exiting the campus.

This security booth is designed to help fill this exact need.  The booth has a 360-degree field of vision with two sliding windows on the sides.  It combines Panel Built’s Saddle Tan steel wall panels with rock siding and a bronze half-glass door, hip-roof, and extrusions.

A big thanks to David Grajko and everyone at BELFOR for making this project a success. This has been their second booth installation with Panel Built, and we look forward to many more in the future as these have been big hits within the school district. 

School Guard Shack


Check The 3D Concept Design we made for the Booth!