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16' x 37' Welded Substation Enclosure

December's Project of the Month is awarded to Abigail Kirk with Raytheon Technologies. Panel Built Inc. delivered a 16' by 37' structure from Georgia to Guam, swiftly solving logistical challenges to provide shelter for a military substation. Transporting the two large components demanded careful planning and collaboration with shipping partners.


Our engineering and shipping teams ensured a sound modular design, facilitating quick on-site assembly. The decision to use modular streamlined construction minimizes on-site time and overcomes resource constraints in Guam. On-site welding seamlessly fused prefabricated pieces, aided by crane lifting for precision placement.


This project showcases the efficiency of modular solutions in urgent spatial needs, proving that innovation in design, production, and shipping can successfully solve challenges.


Thank you so much to Abigail Kirk with Raytheon Technologies for his submission. If you have a newly installed Panel Built project, submit your pictures to to win $50.