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February Project of the Month 2018



Modular Shower Room Offers Incredible Cost Saving Solutions!

Panel Built’s Project of the Month for February goes to this unique and well-designed modular restroom, locker, and shower facility!  The building, sold through Ryan Cantu with Wilmot Modular, is a 36′ x32′ structure that is divided into separate male and female shower areas with adjacent locker room support. The building utilizes a combination of Panel Built’s gypsum, steel, and FRP panels, as well as an epoxy finished flooring to ensure longevity and help reduce future maintenance costs.


Since the building was installed on a pre-existing concrete floor, the installation of the building’s plumbing was a challenge for the team to overcome.  An elevated floor system was built that allowed the water and sewer lines to be manifolded and connected to an ejector pump beside the building footprint.  This solution enabled the owner to avoid excessive site disturbance which saved time and money on the project.   Panel Built, Inc. would like to thank Wilmot Modular, Ryan Cantu, and all Panel Built employees who helped make this job a success! 


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