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January Project of the Month 2019


Portable Range Booth

January’s Project of the Month belongs to this set of custom designed trailer mounted booths. The project consists of three identical 6’x6′ booths, sitting on 6’x12′ trailers with an overall height of nearly 12 ft.  The trailers come equipped with four weather resistant truck boxes anchored to the rear of the trailer.  The boxes are designed to fully protect its contents from weather damage and theft.  

The project was a design-build that provided a durable, functional, and mobile solution to the Marine Corps rifle operations. These towers were specifically designed to meet dimension, communication, and safety requirements plus be light enough to be pulled behind a side by side (ATV2). Practical and efficient, the towers greatly reduce time spent with teardown and setup allowing Marines to effectively use daylight hours.  Construction took approximately 3 months from approved drawings. 

Portable Booths

Booth Features:

–          Full electrical outlets and HVAC

–          Weather resistant and secured storage systems

–          White and Red Interior Lights

–          Customized communications cable pass-throughs and cable hooks

–          External fog lights for use during lowlight/reduced visibility

–          Constructed completely of robust and weather resistant materials

–           Wagon Steering system for increased maneuverability