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January Project of the Month 2020


Multiple Mezzanine Winners for January! 

Panel Built is beginning the New Year in a big way with multiple winners of our Project of the Month award with all of our January winners featuring custom mezzanines and stairs. 

Access Stairs


This project features multiple stair systems and platforms and provided through MTAC Industrial Solutions.  MTAC’s customer had a special need for an access stair system to reach an upper platform in their facility.   With pre-existing equipment and building columns to work around, a ‘cookie-cutter’ stair system would not be a viable option.  Working with Panel Built, MTAC provided this specialized yellow and grey system with a smooth installation and a very happy end-customer.  

Equipment Storage Platform

Equipment Storage Platform

The next winner belongs to this 24’x35’x9′ red and yellow mezzanine system with stairs.  This project, provided through Industrial Handling Solutions, required another custom design, also due to existing circumstances at the project site.  The customer needed the platform to fit into a corner of their facility with equipment above and below.  With existing utilities running along the walls, the mezzanine required cantilevering on two sides with cutouts for the utilities running through the decking.  

Mezzanine with wire partitions

Our final winner is this 20’x25′ Panel Built mezzanine and office combo with third party wire partitions.  This project, sold through Automated material Handling, provides their customer with a 10’x12′ office space in addition to the 500 sq. ft. of storage space above.  The project is another great example of how Panel Built and our dealers can adapt and coordinate a variety of different product types in order to ensure the perfect space solution for the end-customer. 

Thank you to all of our winners for their fine work on their respective projects! If you have photos of a recently completed Panel Built project, send them to  for your chance to be the Project of the Month and win a $25 Gift Card!