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March Project of the Month 2020


Modular Cleanroom Interiors

Class 10,000 Cleanroom System for Electronics Testing

March’s Project of the Month was awarded to this Class 10,000 cleanroom system, delivered through Jake Reynolds and our friends at Reynolds Business Systems.  The cleanroom was sold to an electronics manufacturer to create a controlled environment for their product testing.  Overall, the building offers 1440 sq. ft. of cleanroom space that is divided into three sections: a gowning room and two Class 10,000 cleanroom areas. 

 All rooms are placed under positive pressure in order to help keep out any outside contaminants.  Since the primary way contaminants enter a cleanroom is by being carried on a person, the entrance of the cleanroom is through a gowning area. These cleanroom gowns are used to trap any contaminants the workers may carry with them.  From there they move into one of the Class 10,000 cleanrooms which have even greater positive pressure inside.   

Big thanks to Jake and everyone at Reynolds Business Systems for their great work, making this cleanroom project a success.  If you have photos of a recently completed Panel Built project, send them to  for your chance to be the Project of the Month and win a $25 Gift Card!