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Octagonal Custom Catwalk

March’s Project of the month goes to this custom catwalk delivered through Warehouse Optimizers.


Their customer needed a space solution to easily maintain 5 large storage tanks in their facility. Previously, to maintain these tanks, the workers would climb rusty ladders to access the tanks. They were looking for a more reliable and safe way to access them.

Panel Built delivered a highly custom catwalk system. With a clear height of 16’, the catwalk provides easy access to the tanks. The entire system was galvanized for a lasting finish. The design of this catwalk ensured access to the tanks at all sides with its highly custom, octagonal shape. Bar grate finishes were chosen for a non-slip solution.

In all, the catwalk system added 248 square feet of workspace for the end customer.

Thank you so much to Warehouse Optimizers for the great project. If you have a newly installed Panel Built project, submit your photos to for your chance to win $50!