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May Project of the Month 2018













Mezzanine Offices Provides Novae with a Comfortable & Convenient Workstation

May’s Project of the Month goes to two 9 ft x20 ft mezzanine offices sold to Novae Corp. Novae Corp found themselves needed to find a way to bring their supervisors closer to their manufacturing cells. Initially, their supervisors were close to 500 yards away from their cells.

  These two mezzanine inplant structures provide Novae with four individual office spaces on their manufacturing floor. The mezzanines that the offices sit on provides an 8 ft clear height above the facility floor, allowing for proper storage area underneath the mezzanine.  

Both of the office systems have an intermediary wall that splits the unit in two in order to provide two 8 ft x 10ft offices for each. Sitting on their 10′ deck height, the offices allows the supervisors a private, temperature-controlled area to do their work.  All this without giving up valuable floor space used for storing raw materials  We would like to thank Tyler Supply, Kevin Rush, and all of the employees here at Panel Built that worked hard to make this project such a great success.