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May Project of the Month 2019


Modular Office & Mezzanine System with Prefab IBC Stairs 

May’s Project of the Month goes to this raised modular office system, installed in Alabama through Jane Conkin and Quick Buildings Modular! The new structure offers 300 square feet of additional office space for the facility while providing ample room for storage underneath.   

The office is a 12 ft by 25 ft open room, sitting at just over 10 ft in height. The building’s windows face outward into the facility, providing a clear view of the facility floor below. The modular office and mezzanine system are outfitted in gray while the IBC stair system has yellow railing and black treads.

Thanks to all of you who helped out on this project! If you have any pictures of a recently completed Panel Built project, send them to  for your chance to be the Picture of the Month and win a $25 Gift Card!