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May Project of the Month 2020


Two Story Modular Office

Two-Story Modular Office & Mezzanine Complex at Joint Base Andrews

May’s Project of the Month goes to this 4,500 square feet two-story modular office and mezzanine complex sold through Philip Downs and Cooper Support Services to their end customer, the Air Force 89th Maintenance Group, who provides support for VIP aircraft at Joint Base Andrews.  

The new structure was installed into an existing warehouse along the flight line at Andrews. The two-story office space provides the facility with new private offices, a break room, storage areas, and repair areas.  Gray wall panels and doors are paired with black steel mezzanine system to offer the warehouse a contemporary, industrial look, while still ensuring an efficient, cost-saving space solution. The new office complex also utilizes 13 mini-split HVAC units, LED lighting to maximize energy savings, new sprinkler systems, epoxy flooring, fire alarms, and more to ensure a top-of-the-line, new workspace.   

Thanks to Philip Downs and Cooper Support Services for their great work, making this project a success! If you have photos of a recently completed Panel Built project, send them to  for your chance to be the Project of the Month and win a $25 Gift Card!


Two Story Warehouse Office

First Floor Parts Storage & Second Floor Breakroom


Second Story Office Catwalks

View of Second Story Walkway


Stacked Modular Office

Private Offices And Storage Areas