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November Project of the Month 2019


Modern Modular Office Interior

November’s Project of the Month goes to this series of office systems for Prime Retail Services.  The project consists of two inplant office systems which face one another, creating a hallway.  Overall, the new installation creates four separate office spaces: three individual offices and one open office design. 

The offices have a full glass panel design to give the office space an open and inviting feel, and they use a gray panel/extrusion color that is paired with white glass doors to complement one another and blend into the room’s existing color scheme.

As a frequent installer and business partner of Panel Built, Prime Retail Services has extensive knowledge of our products and its benefits. So, when it was time for them to add additional workspace in their building, they knew that Panel Built’s inplant office systems would be a great match for their needs! 


Modular Office Hallway

View Down the Newly Installed Hallway

Interior of Inplant Office

Inside View of an Office

Full Glass Modular Offices

View of the High Windows and Full Glass Doors