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Custom 12' x 9' Security Booth for National Park

November's Project of the Month is awarded to Anna Ruby Falls' prefabricated security booth. The 10' x 12' structure prioritizes practicality and functionality. Featuring two sliding windows and a Dutch door, the design optimizes visibility and communication for security personnel, complemented by an 18" stainless steel countertop for operational needs.

Key to the project's efficiency is the inclusion of a fork-liftable base, streamlining installation processes and bolstering logistical flexibility. The booth's exterior is characterized by a bronze color and faux stone veneer, chosen for their compatibility with the natural surroundings of the national park. This project exemplifies Panel Built Inc's ability to deliver tailored solutions that align seamlessly with client specifications, reflecting our commitment to advancing standards in prefabricated structures.

Thank you so much to Duncan Anderson with McGee Storage and Handling for his submission. If you have a newly installed Panel Built project, submit your pictures to to win $50.