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September Project of the Month 2020

Two-Story Humidor & Elevated In-Plant Offices

September’s Project of the Month goes to these two structures sold through Al Bove at Mazzella Companies/FHS, Inc.  The project was delivered to their customer a large Wine & Spirits Distributor located in Orlando, FL.  Overall, the two new buildings created over 2,400 sq ft of new space for the facility. The mezzanine office will provide an additional receiving office and a supervisor’s office, and the two-story humidor enclosure and mezzanine will operate as extra space for their wide selection of cigars. 

The project did come with some unique obstacles, having to carefully install the structures while the facility was still up and running. Plus, the mezzanine office needed to be installed over an existing restroom area and attached to an existing wall.  However, FHS provided the entire project Turn-Key, installing electrical, sprinklers, central HVAC, emergency lighting, LEDs under the mezzanine, insulation under the mezzanine, and more!

Thanks to Al Bove and his team at FHS for the great pictures and all of their excellent work making this project a success. If you have photos of a recently completed Panel Built project, send them to  for your chance to be the Project of the Month and win a $25 Gift Card!