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Custom 4' x 6' Guard Booth 

September's Project of the Month features our custom-designed 4' x 6' Guard Booth for Chick-fil-A.

Constructed with Class A exterior walls, our Guard Booth is built to withstand harsh conditions and is rated for 90 MPH wind loads.

The walls comprise 3-inch thick composite panels with 26-gauge galvanized stucco-embossed steel on both sides.

The roof boasts a pitch-panelized shed design with a 9-inch overhang. It features stucco-embossed aluminum panels on both sides and a 1-pound density polystyrene foam core for energy efficiency.

Our 20-gauge insulated steel door with 1/2-inch glass provides security and durability. It's complemented by a picture window glazed with 1/4-inch tempered glass.

The Guard Booth includes an electrical package with a wall switch, duplex receptacles, a 240V receptacle, telephone/computer prep, LED fixtures, and a heating/air conditioning unit.

The flooring features a 3-inch tall steel forkliftable base with a 1/8-inch diamond plate finish, built to withstand heavy-duty use.

An 18-inch deep stainless steel countertop with steel support legs for added functionality is included.