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Barrier Railing Protects Your Investments
Constructed of high strength steel and designed to withstand severe impacts, our barrier rails provide your facility with extra protection. Panel Built's Forklift Barrier Rail system can be ordered in single or double rails. A powder-coated finish enhances the safety railing's steel surface.

Lift-Out Barrier Rail System
There are a number of benefits to the new system, including easier installation, improved aesthetics, and quick access to equipment behind the barrier rail.
Panel Built barrier rail features a complete integral sleeve with sections that slide in and out. This offers much more flexibility with the same structural integrity. Like all of our metal products, our barrier rail is powder-coated for aesthetics and durability.

Durable Safety Railing Design Meets Efficient Production
The system still mounts to the floor using wedge anchors, but instead of sections of the guard rail being bolted together, they are simply and easily welded in place thanks to the use of an innovative jig. Thanks to the expanded production at Panel Built, the clamps that are used to connect the rail to the post are also being manufactured in house.
The guard rail is powder coated safety yellow (in most cases) and packaged for shipping. Overall, the Panel Built's forklift barrier rail system means greater production efficiency, improved installation time, and less out of house manufacturing; which in turn, brings faster lead times and lower cost to our customers.

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Barrier Rail Applications

>Employee Walkways
>Protected Production & Packaging Areas
>Modular Office Protection
>Form Temporary Storage
>Equipment & Machinery Protection
>Section Off Employee Break Areas

Barrier Rail Specs

>5” x 5” x 3/16” structural steel columns at 42" overall post height
>10” x 10” x ½” steel base plates
>Rails formed from 11 gauge steel in lengths from 2' to 10' 
> Standard powder coated Safety Yellow