Modular Break Rooms | Warehouse Break Rooms

Providing modular break rooms for employees increases worker productivity and allows for a much more efficient means of taking breaks. We can provide a clean and comfortable rest area for employees to eat and relax. Our prefabricated warehouse break rooms are custom designed to meet your needs and can be equipped with HVAC, high-density cores, sound dampening, and fire resistance.

These break rooms create an environment completely separated from the rest of the facility.  Kitchen areas, office rooms, lunch rooms, etc., are all possibilities with our modular offices.  Plus, the panels themselves can be modified to fit the environment that works best for you.  Have a manufacturing facility with an extreme noise level? We can increase the sound transmission coefficient in the panel to reduce the amount of noise coming in from outside.  Need to insert a bathroom or wash area into the breakroom? Our fiberglass reinforced plastic panels provide an easily washable and cleanable wall area, perfect for a bathroom environment.  Modular break rooms are an application for our modular rooms line of products, which can be applied to a number of different rooms in your warehouse facility. 

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