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CNC Machines Enclosures Create a Highly Controlled Environment

CNC (or Computer Numerical Control) Machines are oftentimes automated controlled machining tools that are used in the manufacturing of certain products. Depending on the application, a CNC Machine may be used in the drilling, boring or lathing of materials such as metals, plastic, or wood. Unlike a 3D printer that uses additive manufacturing to 'build' a part, CNC Machines use subtractive manufacturing to 'carve' a part. These machines are oftentimes working on very high precision and high accuracy projects. As such, the CNC machine can require a highly controlled environment to operate within. Variables such as temperature, humidity, sound (vibrations), and more can cause imperfections in the mechanisms of the machine and flaw in the product.  

CNC Machine Enclosures Are Customized for Your Specific Application

Using our panelized wall system, Panel Built can customize your CNC Machine Room to fit the exact size and layout that fits your facility. Our panels come in custom heights up to 14ft in length. However, if you're in need of a higher wall height, they can be stacked to meet your requirements. Additionally, we manufacture our CNC Machines out of a variety of substrates that can provide additional sound dampening and higher R-Values, when needed.

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