Cold Roll Mezzanines | Cold-Formed Mezzanines

A cold rolled mezzanine refers to the method of bending sheet metal into C-channel to use as the understructure of the mezzanine floor. These cold-rolled pieces attach to the tubular steel or tapered columns and provide the “beams” that support the floor. Cold rolled has two major benefits over structural steel mezzanines.
First , the material is much lighter than structural steel and therefore less expensive to ship. This usually means there is also less equipment needed to erect the structure on site.
Second , cold-rolled steel can be pre-galvanized; offering substantial savings over hot-dipped galvanized, stainless steel, or aluminum mezzanines. A disadvantage of cold-rolled steel mezzanine systems is the very limited column spacing (usually 10’ – 15’ max). They are also unable to reach the high live loads or heavily concentrated point loads that can be accomplished with structural steel mezzanine systems.

Cold Rolled Mezzanine solutions provide a cost-effective and sturdy option, perfect for situations where weight considerations and budget constraints are top priorities. Enjoy streamlined construction and cost savings without compromising on quality and performance.

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