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Fabricated Control Booths = Security & Comfort
Panel Built's control booths offer a fully secure and comfortable environment for its users. With our robust wall systems and HVAC options, climate control in our buildings is a breeze whether the building is interior or exterior. Sound dampening options are also available in order to provide additional noise reduction. Whether the building will be controlling the flow of traffic in and out of a facility or controlling the flow of materials through a facility, the operator(s) are certain to be in the most pleasant environment possible.
Bullet-Resistant, Ballistic Control Booths Available
For certain facilities, a degree of ballistic protection is often preferred if not entirely vital to the function of a control booth. Panel Built offers UL and NIJ levels of ballistic protection with our welded steel design, perfect for high threat perimeter security.
Designed to Customer Specifications
Whether looking to meet Specifications or searching for a new configuration, we will do whatever we can to satisfy your space needs. Previously, we have completed control rooms ranging from simple 4'x4' pre-assembled booths to elevated, slanted wall systems designed to deflect the sunlight. Tell us your needs, and we will find the absolute best solution for you. 
Prefabricated, Turn-Key Control Booth Provider
Panel Built, Inc. can handle every phase of your project. Through design, engineering, fabrication, delivery, and installation, we strive to ensure the entire process is as convenient and problem-free as possible for our customers. For our control booths, they can either be fabricated using our wall panel or welded steel systems. Both options can be provided completely fabricated, only needing to be unloaded, anchored, and plugged into electric to get going. 
Wide Variety of Uses and Applications
In addition to their ease of installation, control booths are used in a variety of sectors outside of the strictly industrial. Generally, control booths' main function is to provide an internal environment that is completely separate from that of the outside. This controlled space can be used to house sensitive equipment or electronics. Similarly, the booths will sometimes shelter literal controls that require high precision that operate machinery or systems outside the room.

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