Modular Control Rooms | Prefabricated Control Room

A modular control room provides your facility with a quiet, regulated area away from the busy, sometimes chaotic activity occurring outside. The control room environment can come equipped with sound-dampening panels, decreasing the overall decibel level that can come through from the exterior noise. This area can be utilized as a high-priority office environment or even as an enclosure for sensitive equipment to be stored. 
The barrier that the wall panels create will allow for a greatly reduced distraction to all that are operating inside. And, since the control room will be constructed of modular wall panels, the building can be installed in your facility with little or no disruption to your day-to-day operations. These modular control rooms, like all of our structures, are designed and manufactured to our customers' specifications; all buildings are made to order. Modular control rooms are a subset of our modular rooms lines of products.

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