Conveyor Platform Systems

On top of one of our structural steel mezzanines is the perfect place to have a conveyor system. Running along on an intermediate level above the warehouse floor, the mezzanine will work as a conveyor platform. You can quickly make your working facility more organized, spacious, and at ease. With the conveyor system in the free space above the facility floor, you will have ample room to design the system to perfectly suit your warehouse logistic needs.
You will no longer have to worry about having it bend around equipment, or inventory spaces. These conveyor platforms can provide employees with a safe path below the conveyor system, while inventory is automatically moved from place to place above them, avoiding lots of other traffic. And the best part is Panel Built, Inc. will be your tunrkey provider! We will design, build, and install your conveyor system platform to ensure smooth sailing for you throughout the entire project

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