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Cool Down Booths Place An Emphasis on Employee Safety

Worker Cool Down Booths offer a fully-climate controlled space for employees that are exposed to high temperatures. Cool Down Booths create an environment that helps combat heat stress, an occupational hazard that leads to thousands of employee illnesses every year. Panel Built's booths offer an enclosed space, separated from the hot environment. This allows employees to lower their body temperatures in a cooler environment. By using "local air cooling," companies can save money on air conditioning expenses by containing it to a smaller, easier to control area. 

Cool Down Booths For Interior and Exterior Applications

Although manual, outdoor labor may be the most visible occupations exposed to heat stress, it actually affects a variety of other jobs as well. Aside from outdoor examples like construction, indoor jobs can also be subject to high temperatures especially jobs with equipment producing high radiant heat like a furnace or oven.  
For this reason, Panel Built designs cool down booths for both interior and exterior applications. Both interior and exterior cool down rooms utilize our panelized wall system design, but the exterior buildings incorporate weather-tight roof panels. The booths can be formed from a variety of different panel materials to best fit your application.

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