Covered Walkways | Walkway Canopies

Heavy-Duty Walkway Canopy Design to Fit Any Environment

Panel Built's covered walkways and walkway canopies are formed from a highly durable design in order to withstand any type of environment. Using either a welded steel or bolt-together system, the structures are painted using a highly durable, exterior rated powder coating for extra protection against the elements.

Walkway Canopies Offer A Protected Path from Point A to B

Thanks to our modular design, Panel Built is able to provide covered walkways and walkway canopies that can fit a number of unique projects. Panel Built can fabricate covered walkways that are either assembled on-site or pre-assembled for smaller applications. Our walkway canopies will generally utilize a bolt-together steel system, similar to our industrial mezzanine, except they have roof paneling instead of a mezzanine deck.

Covered Walkways For Practically Any Application

As you can see from the slideshow, Panel Built's covered walkways can be utilized to create a weather-protected path on the ground level, on an elevated platform, or even to cover a stair system. As a custom walkway provider, Panel Built can customize your canopy structure to best fit the needs at your campus or facility. Working in all 50 States, Panel Built can design your canopy to meet a variety of different codes and requirements.

Available In Standard & Specialized Canopy Designs

Panel Built's standard walkway canopy design includes free-standing canopy columns and a single-slope canopy roof. However, custom covered walkway designs can also be achieved with our system, including custom roof designs (standing seam, double sloped, half-barrel, etc.) and canopy sidewalls to keep out harsh weather. Panel Built can be delivered in a wide range of color options to best fit into the area's existing architecture.

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