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Each Prefabricated E-House Is Fully Custom Designed
Panel Built Electrical Houses, or E-Houses, are each specially engineered and designed from project to project.  Like all of our buildings, the Electrical Houses can be delivered to the project site fully-assembled.  The E-Houses can be delivered to a starting site to have the equipment and switchgears installed or the building can be fabricated as in a "Drop-Over" design, allowing for the enclosure to quickly and conveniently be installed via crane at the project site.

Fast Installation On-Site; Great for Remote Projects
With the Electrical Houses and E-Houses fabricated fully in one of our modular construction facilities, there is minimal work required on site.  With the quick and easy installation of these buildings, a variety of industries located in remote areas have begun using them more and more in their projects.  Not only do these prefabricated E-Houses reduce the amount of on-site labor required for the project, but also helps ensure a consistent, high quality product no matter where the project is located.

Heavy-Duty, American-Made Electrical Houses
With 25-years experience in the modular construction industry, Panel Built has the expertise needed for designing, engineering, fabricating, and installing prefabricated buildings of all shapes and sizes.  Panel Built's E-Houses can utilize a fully welded steel frame or our penalized wall system design.  Using a welded steel frame, the Electrical Houses can offer increase durability, wind-loads, and even ballistic rated protection.  Panel Built E-Houses can be designed to meet your state & local building codes, including ADA compliance if needed.

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Get a Custom 3D Flythrough of your Project!
With every quote that Panel Built, Inc. provides, we include your very own 3D rendering of the project to allow you to fully visualize your new motor control center buildings.

Panel Built's modular buildings are custom designed & relocatable. Because they are made in one of our modular manufacturing facilities, our products are ready 40% faster than stick-built, allowing you to get your building up and running as soon as possible.