Equipment Enclosures | Modular Equipment Enclosure

Equipment Enclosures Protect from the Elements

Panel Built manufactures Modular Equipment Enclosures to provide a sealed, controlled environment for your facility's equipment. Whether you need to store sensitive machinery, pumps, controls, or require storage, our enclosures can be tailored to meet specific temperature, noise, humidity, and ballistic requirements.

Custom Equipment Enclosure Designs

Using our panelized design works great in many equipment enclosure projects. Our wall panel systems offer endless configurations and can be delivered to the site pre-assembled. However, in situations of high-pressure equipment or when the equipment is located within a blast zone, Panel Built can manufacture the building using welded steel construction. These steel modular equipment enclosures can be constructed to meet ballistic standards in bullet resistance and blast resistance.

Turn-Key Equipment Enclosure Provider

Panel Built, Inc. can handle every phase of your equipment enclosure project. Through design, engineering, fabrication, delivery, and installation, we strive to ensure the entire process is as convenient and problem-free as possible for our customers. Panel Built has over 20 years experience in the prefabricated construction industry and has great all the tools necessary to take your project from start to finish.