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Custom Equipment Platform Structures for All Environments

Panel Built, Inc. offers a wide range of equipment platform solutions to meet the needs of industries of all types. If your project requires a specialized platform to fit around or under a specific piece of equipment, Panel Built can help design a mezzanine that allows direct, easy access to the machinery for maintenance, operation, and more. Panel Built can design our platform's decking to completely enclose your equipment or tank without reducing the structural integrity of the platform's decking.

Convenient, Bolt-Together Equipment Platform Installation

Panel Built's platform systems utilize a convenient, bolt-together design, allowing for fast and easy installation at the project site. Our standard platform design allows for the structure to be anchored to your facility's floor through the column's metal baseplates. However, Panel Built can also provide smaller equipment platforms that have caster wheels mounted to the columns for a portable access solution.

Heavy-Duty & Highly Durable Platform Design

Panel Built's steel equipment platforms use heavy-duty steel columns and baseplates for a long-lasting design. Platform components are powder coated to give the structure a durable finish, protecting against corrosion and abuse . Exterior applications can be coated with an exterior rated powder coating or all components can be galvanized to protect again harsh weather and rust. Panel Built equipment platforms are offered in six basic color options: Safety Yellow, Fire Engine Red, Royal Blue, Sky White, Black, and Grey.

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25 Years of Modular Building Excellence At Your Service
Panel Built has worked in the modular construction industry since 1995.  Designing and manufacturing platforms became our second line of products as Panel Built looked to provide unique space solutions for our customers.  Today, Panel Built fabricates a wide range of metal platform systems from military towers to elevated office spaces. 

With our years of experience, Panel Built will provide the "know-how" to deliver the perfect solution for your equipment access needs.  For each of our projects, our mission is "To Solve Our Customers' Space Needs With Excellence and Great Customer Service." For us, that means no matter the size or complexity of your platform project, Panel Built will work with you every step of the way to ensure an excellent customer experience and a successful project. 
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