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Fast & Affordable Guard Booth Options Available!

Panel Built understands that often, the need for physical security arises at a moment's notice. To help our customers in a time crunch, Panel Built offers Quick Shipping Guard Booths and In-Stock Guard Booths. These booth types use our standard building components to provide fast, single-person booths delivered all across the country.  

Customizable Dimensions, Colors, Layouts, and More!

As a long-time manufacturer of modular buildings, Panel Built offers a wide range of features to create the perfect booth for your facility.  Panel Built allows you to completely customize your guard booth, including door and window placement, size, layouts, and more! Panel Built can design your new building to meet state and local building requirements, including snow and high wind loads (specifically 180+ mph requirements for SE Florida).  Further, to help your new guard booth seamlessly blend into your existing environment, Panel Built offers a variety of faux sidings to match surrounding buildings. 

Fully Ballistic, Bullet Resistant Guard Booth Designs

In addition to our standard line of booths, Panel Built also has options designed for the highest threat level areas, including military installations and government facilities.  Panel Built's Ballistic Rated Guard Booths are built to UL-752, NIJ, & STANAG bullet resistance levels. Beyond bullet resistance, our ballistic line can be Forced Entry Rated to protect against a sustained mob attack.  

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Panel Built Is Backed By Over 25 Years of Modular Excellence

As the modular construction experts, Panel Built manufactures guard booths for practically every application.  From our local school system to the Fortune 500 companies, companies and organizations of all types trust Panel Built, Inc. to deliver a proven, quality product. 

We Will Find The Right Solution For You!

Panel Built's mission is "To Solve Our Customers' Space Needs With Excellence and Great Customer Service ." For each project, we strive to address your most pertinent space needs. Whether you need a booth quickly or a highly custom build, Panel Built has the best security solutions to solve your needs. 

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