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Guard Shacks Available in Standard & Custom Designs!

Prefabricated Guard shacks are one of the most efficient and portable building options, providing an effective solution for your facility's physical security. Our buildings, often seen in parking lots, can be delivered to your construction site fully pre-assembled, and ready for immediate use. Thanks to our steel construction, utilizing heavy-duty materials, we offer guard shacks in fully custom dimensions and layouts, allowing you to easily create the perfect booth for your facility.


Panel Built offers all the features to assist your security personnel, such as exterior mounted lights, HVAC units, and data hook-ups, creating a fully functional security building. If you are in a security crunch and need a guard building fast, ask about our quick-shipping options!

A Guard Shack For Practically Any Environment

Panel Built’s portable steel buildings can be designed 100% to customer specifications. Common environments in which our security shacks can be found include universities, transportation hubs, theme parks, and more. With a variety of different options and sizes, Panel Built promises an effective solution that fits your specific needs. Ask about our In-Stock Guard Shack Selection and our custom cage options!

Ask about our In-Stock Guard Shack Selection! 

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Security Measures & Benefits

Guard shacks act as an access control point and help promote a safer workplace by allowing security officers to screen guests. When not actively screening, the security team can use their booth's 360 field of vision and integrated workstation for surveillance. High-level security options, including options with UL-752-rated walls, are available for facilities requiring enhanced security measures.

Customization and Convenience

Our guard buildings can be a permanent structure or a portable guard shack, depending on your needs. The variety in guard shack size and customization ensures a seamless integration into your exterior building layout. They are pre-wired for electric with light switches, duplex outlets, and more.

Invest in a Safer Future with Panel Built!

Backed By 25 Years of Modular Excellence

Whether you need a ticket booth, an attendant booth, or a security guard booth, Panel Built offers a variety of architectural options to ensure the new security building fits the surrounding environment. Ready to find out more? Contact us today to get started!


Invest in a safer future with Panel Built's range of products tailored to your needs. Our customer service-driven team aims to provide quality, long-lasting solutions backed by 25 years of modular excellence. Our offerings are not just limited to guard shacks; we also provide wall system solutions and other prefab structures. Explore our range, and request a quote for the most suitable and effective solution for your facility!

With The Flexibility In Our Designs, We Can Create A Wide Range Styles!

Panel Built's guard shacks are a great addition to existing facilities because of our flexibility in design. While the terms may seem synonymous, Guard Booth, Security Booth, Guard House, and Guard Shack refer to different products sold by Panel Built. Each is designed to meet specific needs, and to understand which is the right fit for your residential facility or other establishments, please consult with a Panel Built sales representative.

Park Booth with Faux Brick
Single-Person Ballistic
Portable - Trailer Mounted
Steel Building with Architectural Panels
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