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Guard Towers Custom Manufactured for Various Needs

Whether you call it a Guard Tower, Vision Tower, Range Tower or an Observation Tower, a raised structure with an unobstructed, long-distance view has many applications. Panel Built designs, engineers and manufactures these guard tower structures with the added quality control, cost savings and time advantage of modular construction. Panel Built is a single-source provider for these guard tower systems, and all components are manufactured on-site, including mezzanine towers with metal stairs and railings and insulated rust-resistant aluminum skinned booths that provide year-round comfort and protection for personnel. Ballistic resistant booths are also available, typically for our guard tower application.

Guard Towers Designed for The Harsh Environments

All Panel Built guard towers, observation towers, and stair systems are powder-coated for superior durability and corrosion resistance. However, if preferred, we can Hot-Dip Galvanize our guard tower steel components for an extra layer of weather protection. Some applications for our guard towers include strategic military posts, fire spotting towers, weather observation platforms, equipment operator cabins and watch stations at correctional facilities. Interior vision towers can monitor activity within a large facility, with the added benefit of leaving usable space beneath. Panel Built has constructed systems for all of these applications, as well as unique training towers and challenge course towers.

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