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Prefab Guard Houses are Quick & Easy to Install On-Site

By using eco-friendly fabrication methods, your guardhouse will be installed safely and with little to no downtime for your organization. Built at our modular construction facility, Prefabricated Guardhouses are shipped to your location pre-assembled and ready to be installed. We provide guidance for site preparation to ease the delivery and off-loading process, making our prefabricated guard houses an easy and convenient security solution.

Guard Houses Offer A Comfortable & Safe Work Environment

Civilian and military security guards have an important job function and are often faced with a variety of job hazards. One less stress they will have is the shelter and equipment they perform their everyday duties in. Panel Built manufactures custom guardhouses that are able to do just that.  Our buildings are frequently used as an access control point at facility entrances; they can also serve as a 'security hub' for your property. 

Can Be Custom Manufactured for Projects Big & Small

Built for your specific needs, Panel Built's guard houses can be equipped with additional security features including floodlights, camera systems, bullet resistance, gun ports, wire enforced windows, etc.  All guard buildings can be designed to meet ADA requirements including restrooms, access ramps, and openings. Panel Built, Inc. is a trusted guardhouse manufacturer with over 25-years experience in the world of modular construction.

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