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Fully-Customizable, Industrial Stairs
Panel Built stair systems utilize a bolt-together steel design. Each industrial stair system sold is custom-designed, engineered, and fabricated in one of our four facilities. Panel Built works with all of our customers to ensure we provide the industrial stair system that perfectly fits their specific needs and requirements. Handrail systems can be designed to incorporate additional safety rails, pickets, or wire mesh to meet more stringent safety standards.
Panel Built is a Turn-Key Industrial Stairs Manufacturer
With over 20 years of experience in the modular construction industry, Panel Built can fully deliver your industrial stair system. Panel Built can design, engineer, manufactures, ship, and install all prefab industrial stair systems. Panel Built stairs are sold with all of these options, however, you may install them on your own. 
Panel Built Industrial Stairs Meet IBC and OSHA Code
Depending on the environment and use of the stairs system, they will likely need to be designed to meet either IBC or OSHA code standards. In most industrial applications with no public access to the stair system, typically OSHA code will suffice. However, more and more facilities and local standards call for higher IBC standards regardless. Talk to us, and we can help you find out which set of standards is right for your facility. 
Powder Coated to Withstand Harsh Environments
For a long-lasting finish and increased durability, Panel Built stair systems use a powder-coated paint system. All structural beams, columns, landings, and handrails are powder coated in one of our standard color options. Special colors can be made available upon request. Exterior stairs are galvanized to protect against weather.
Quick & Convenient Stair System Installation
Panel Built's stair design allows for quick and easy installation in any type of industrial environment. Using our bolt-together system, installing the stairs causes minimal facility disruption in comparison to stick built options.

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Differences Between IBC and OSHA Stair Codes
Horizontal Run
Collapse IBC Stairs have a horizontal run that is approximately 1.5 times the deck height, not including landings or handrail extenders, so a 10’ high mezzanine deck would have an approximate 15’long stairwell.
Risers & Tread
Collapse IBC Stairs typically have a 7” closed riser and an 11” tread.
Stair Width
Collapse IBC Stairs are minimum 36” wide in most cases.
Railings and Guardrail
Collapse IBC Stairs require rails of 42” high and handrails of 34” high on both sides of the stairwell.
IBC also requires an intermediate landing on stairwells for stairwells over 12’ high, as well as handrail extensions at the bottom landing.
Horizontal Run
Collapse With OSHA Stairs the horizontal run and the length of the stairwell, is approximately equal to the height of the deck. For instance if the mezzanine deck height is 10’, the stairwell is 10’ long.
Risers & Tread
Collapse OSHA Stairs typically have an 8” closed riser and an 9” tread.
Stair Width
Collapse OSHA Stairs are minimum 22”wide.
Railings and Guardrail
Collapse OSHA requires railings on open sides of stairwells and a handrail on at least on side, preferably the right side descending at 34” high.
Collapse Both OSHA and IBC require landings at the top and bottom of the stairs, although IBC landings are larger, typically 4’ square.
Industrial Stairs Installation Guide
Standard Industrial Stair Options
>Steel Stairs use the same bolt-together system as our Structural Steel Mezzanine Systems
>Steel Diamond Plate Treads
(Grip-Strut, Bar Grate)
>1/2 Square Tube Handrail with 4" kickplate
>Heavy-duty columns & baseplates
>Opened or Closed Risers
>4-MIL powder coated steel components provide a superior level of durability against abusive, corrosive applications