Border Inspection Booths | Land Port of Entry (LPOE) Inspection Booths

Heavy-Duty, Built-to Spec, Border Inspection Booths

Panel Built, Inc. fabricates and designs a complete line of fully custom border inspection booths. Panel Built has produced inspection booths for multiple Land Port of Entry projects across the United States for border crossing from Canada to Mexico. Panel Built utilizes a heavy-duty, welded-steel framed design for increased durability and a longer building lifespan. Booth layouts are built 100% to design specifications with previous Panel Built LPOE Inspection Booths featuring ballistic rated, High-Low Vehicle Inspection designs.

Full Ballistic Capabilities For UL-752, NIJ, & STANAG Standards

Panel Built is a provider of Ballistic Rated Buildings for government facilities, US Embassies, wastewater treatment plants, power plants, correctional facilities, military bases, land ports of entry, and other high threat level facilities. Panel Built is capable of delivering ballistic rated inspection booths at all UL-752, NIJ, and STANAG ballistic levels. For more information on our ballistic capabilities, visit our Ballistic Buildings page.

Fully Prefabricate Inspection Booths for Quick Project TImes

All of Panel Built's Inspection Booths are fabricated in one of our specialized modular construction facilities. Manufacturing the booths off-site allows our customers to more easily predict their project times. Being produced in a controlled, specialized environment equals fewer delays and a high, consistent standard of quality. The project site can be prepped for the booth's installation while the building is being manufactured; with both of these processes occurring simultaneously, our customers generally see shorter project times overall.

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