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Panel Built's Lactation Rooms Are Much More Than "Pods"
As an experienced Modular Building provider, Panel Built can deliver Lactation Rooms that act as a fully functioning wellness space within your building. This is because Panel Built's modular structures are designed specifically to fit your facility's needs. We can deliver your lactation room to your facility fully pre-assembled, ready for use, or the structure can be delivered 'knock-down' to be easily assembled on site. By providing a structure that better fits into the surrounding area, Panel Built's lactation rooms more discrete and can better blend into the existing environment.
However, Panel Built can also deliver a similar Lactation 'Pod' design with our pre-assembled buildings. The rooms are highly portable, able to be conveniently moved whenever needed. Plus, these rooms are pre-wired for electrical, only needing to be hooked into a power source when put in place.

Fast Delivery & Easy Installation is the Cornerstone of our Products
By fabricating your location room in one of our specialized modular construction facilities, Panel Built is able to deliver your building in a fraction of the time of stick-built alternatives. One of the primary advantages of utilizing a modular solution is the minimal amount of disruption at the project site. With the majority of these rooms being installed into commercial office and public settings, using our easy and convenient modular system allows for seamless integration into your existing space.
With our pre-assembled solution, the new lactation room simply needs to be off-loaded from the truck, transported to its final location, anchored into place, and connected to a power source. Then your building is ready for operation!

Panel Built Lactation Rooms Focus On Safety & Comfort
As a provider of security buildings, Panel Built has years of knowledge incorporating a wide range of security products and locking mechanisms. Panel Built can incorporate a variety of access control products into our buildings, and our lactation rooms are no different. Similar to a single person, public restrooms, Panel Built's lactation rooms can include an "Occupied" or "Available" mechanism to show if the building is currently in use. All of them will include a standard lock-set; however, we can also include keyless access or number pads to ensure the pod is only available to the appropriate parties.
Additionally, to create a comfortable environment inside, Panel Built typically includes either an exhaust fan or wall-mounted HVAC system in the room's design. Additionally, the rooms can be equipped with pre-installed seating, countertops, outlets (for refrigerator units or charging stations), mirrors, sinks, and more. Panel Built's main focus with each lactation room project is to ensure space fits all the needs of our customers as far as space, comfort, and security.
As a custom provider, Panel Built also offers fully ADA compliant Lactation Room designs. These rooms include additional turnaround space for the occupants and grab bars for convenient maneuverability.

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Lactation Room Features
> Custom, Turn-Key Lactation Room Provider
> Fast Lead Times & Easy On-Site Installation
> Design Can Easily Meet ADA & Local Building Requirements
> Pre-Furnished & Pre-Wired With Electric, Including Lights, Switches, & Outlets
> Built-In Access Control Mechanisms For Security & Comfort
> Wall-Mounted HVAC and/or Integrated Exhaust Fans
Lactation Room Options
> Delivered as a Pre-Assemble or Assemble-On-Site
> Custom Wall Facings & Colors To Fit Existing Space or Stand Out
> Amenities Include Sinks, Countertops, Storage Cabinets, Wall-Mounted Mirrors, Benches, & Space for Refrigeration Options
> Increased Sound-Deadening, R-Value (Insulation), & Fire Ratings