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Commercial & Industrial Loading Dock Canopies

Panel Built Loading Dock Canopies are an ideal solution for warehouses and other facilities looking to keep their employees sheltered from inclement weather. Our systems are designed to help protect workers from rain, sleet, and snow. Additionally, these canopies help create a safer loading dock environment by helping to reduce the build-up of precipitation in and around the docking station.
Custom Canopy Configurations, Layouts, and Designs

Because loading areas can vary considerably from warehouse to warehouse, Panel Built's loading dock canopies are fully customizable. Panel Built can supply systems with custom canopy heights for raised docks or sloping walkways. Panel Built has delivered structures to all 50 United States and internationally; so if local or state building codes regulate particular wind loads or snow loads, Panel Built can adapt our canopy design to fit meet those requirements.
Heavy-Duty, Durable Steel Canopy Design

To help provide of long-lasting loading dock canopy solution, Panel Built's products are formed from strong, structural steel to withstand even the harshest environments. The steel components can be galvanized, providing a weather protective zinc coating, or can be given an exterior rated powder coating, offered in a variety of custom colors.

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Additional Loading Dock Canopy Designs
With each Loading Dock Canopy we quote, Panel Built offers a free 3D rendering of your potential project so that you can fully envision your new structure!